Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi guys,

I imagine you were really excited to have some news about my travel !!
So I'm ladding well in Tokyo and I've started to visit this huge town.
Many cultures and religions are present in Japan and you can see this many time in Tokyo.

It's me in front of a Bouddhist relic

Near to this relic, we could see a tipically Japanese temple !

When you visit Tokyo you have to take the metro, it's like in Paris because this city is really big !!

Me on the metro

That I prefer in Japan is the Japanese food, it's wonderfull !!
Sushi, Ramen, Okonomiyaki...
Everythings is great !!

On a Sushi Bar

With an Okonomiyaki!!

Travel to Japan

Hello everybody !

Just a little message to tell you than everything is ok !
I'm just waiting after my plane behind me to take off Amsterdam for Tokyo.

So, see you soon !!

Henri in Paris

Hi guys !
After my travel in the East of France in motorcycle with Nico, I'm with Adelyne to visit Japan !!
Adelyne works in France for Universal Music, ans she's very nice because she's let me try her job during one hour !!!
It's me trying to contact The Black Eyed Peas by mail

It's me on phone with U2

She ask me if I was ok to drink a beer in St Michel in Paris with Jeremy.
So I said Yes because I love to meet people, that's my favorite pleasure, after travelling, of course !
When we went to St Michel by foot, we saw the Panthéon! It's a beautiful place in Paris where many famous people are burried! That's why French people said "La place des grands Hommes" (the place of great people).

In this photo you can see the Panthéon "La place des Grands Hommes"

I love the Mc Ewans Beer !!

Nothing better than a good beer before a long travel !!